3 Must-Have HVAC Parts to Keep On-Hand This Winter

HVAC system parts and supplies including motor, capacitors, and other tools

During the winter months, it’s especially important for HVAC technicians to have parts on hand. You’d never want to leave your customers in the cold.


Thankfully, Mars Electric provides HVAC service parts that are readily available or that can be delivered within 24 hours to our stores or your job site.


In preparing for the cold winter season, we recommend HVAC professionals get ahead of their inventory by having three key HVAC system parts on hand at all times. Learn more about what they are and why they’re important, below.


3 Essential HVAC Parts to Have All Winter Long


1. Motors


Motors play a crucial role in the operation of heating and cooling systems. They are responsible for driving various components within HVAC systems to facilitate the circulation of air, control temperature, and maintain indoor comfort. 


At Mars, we carry a variety of furnace blower motors that range by horsepower and are a compatible, universal solution for any HVAC system, whether gas or electrical. Furnace blower motors are used in air handlers and furnaces to circulate air throughout the HVAC system. They drive the fan that pushes air through the heating or cooling elements and into the ductwork for distribution to different areas of a building.


HVAC motors are critical components that contribute to the overall efficiency and functionality of heating and cooling systems. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn-out motors are essential to ensure the reliable operation of HVAC equipment and to optimize energy efficiency.


2. Capacitors

Capacitors are electrical components that store and release electrical energy as needed. They play a crucial role in providing the necessary electrical boost to start the motors in the furnace. There are two main types of capacitors used in furnaces: start capacitors and run capacitors, both of which we carry at Mars, in a variety of shapes.


Start capacitors are designed to provide an extra electrical boost to the motor during the startup phase. Furnace motors, particularly those in blower assemblies, often require a higher amount of torque to overcome inertia and start rotating. Start capacitors provide this extra torque by briefly storing and releasing electrical energy.


Run capacitors, as the name suggests, are used to continuously support the operation of the motor once it has started. They help maintain a steady flow of electrical energy to the motor to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Run capacitors are commonly found in the blower motors of furnaces.


Furnace motors, especially those in older models or those with single-phase induction motors, often require capacitors for both starting and running. Capacitors are necessary to create the necessary phase shift in the motor windings, allowing the motor to generate the required torque for startup and continuous operation.


Capacitors can degrade over time due to factors like age, temperature fluctuations, and electrical stress. When a capacitor fails, it can lead to issues such as difficulty starting the motor, irregular operation, or even motor burnout. HVAC technicians often check and replace capacitors during routine maintenance or when troubleshooting motor-related problems in furnaces. Capacitors and capacitor replacement parts should always be kept on hand, in your service vehicle.


3. Inducers

Inducer motors, or draft inducers, are components in gas furnaces that play a crucial role in the combustion process and the safe venting of combustion byproducts. Their main functions include:


Assisting combustion: Inducer motors help initiate and maintain the combustion process in a gas furnace. They create a draft or negative pressure in the combustion chamber, which ensures a steady supply of air for the combustion of gas. This helps improve the efficiency of the combustion process.


Venting combustion byproducts: As part of the combustion process, various byproducts are produced, including carbon monoxide and other gases. The inducer motor assists in venting these combustion byproducts safely out of the furnace and into the venting system. This is critical for preventing the buildup of harmful gases inside the living space.


Ensuring proper airflow: Inducer motors contribute to the overall airflow within the furnace. By creating a draft, they help pull air into the combustion chamber, ensuring the proper air-to-fuel ratio for efficient and clean combustion.


Ensuring safe furnace operation: Draft inducers are an important safety feature in modern gas furnaces. They help establish and maintain proper ventilation and combustion conditions, reducing the risk of back drafting, or the release of combustion byproducts into the living space.


Facilitating pressure switch operation: Many furnaces are equipped with pressure switches that monitor the air pressure within the venting system. The inducer motor's operation is closely tied to these pressure switches. If the inducer motor fails to create the expected negative pressure, the pressure switch may not close, preventing the furnace from continuing the ignition sequence. This is an important safety feature to ensure that the combustion process is occurring as intended.


If there are issues with the inducer motor, it can affect the overall performance and safety of the furnace. While we do not have inducers in stock, we can order them and have them shipped to you within 24 hours.

Other parts we recommend HVAC technicians have on hand are thermostat control boards, thermostat wires, ignitors, flame sensors, and other HVAC tools such as a Klein carbon monoxide meter and an infrared thermometer. 

The Importance of Having HVAC Parts Readily Available

Why is it so important to have the three parts we mentioned available? During the winter, it’s common to run into issues like weak airflow in blower motors, faulty igniters and pilot lights, and thermostat malfunctions.


By working with Mars to ensure you have the proper parts and replacement parts available, you’ll be able to expedite repairs and minimize system downtime for your customers.


We provide free, next-day, and local delivery as well as easy reordering and accessibility to a wide range of universal parts in even the most extreme cold temperatures. And – whenever you need assistance, a real human being will be on the other end to help you find what you need. Allow the Mars team to help you maintain a reputation for quality HVAC service to your customers.


If there is an HVAC product or specific brand you need but can’t find on our website, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.


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