Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) offers customers the ability to offload the management, replenishment, and delivery of materials to their jobsite, warehouse or factory to Mars Electric. VMI saves you time and labor.

Mars Electric employee replenishing stock at a customer jobsite

Focus on the job, not the materials for the job

When you use VMI, your team can spend more time focusing on the job instead of checking inventory, shopping, negotiating, and coordinating multiple deliveries.

On your jobsite, at the warehouse or factory

VMI is available wherever you’re working. We offer different material handling options whatever your facility or job requires.

Dedicated VMI Specialists

A dedicated VMI specialist will become part of your team. Your specialist will manage inventory multiple times a week, help with material layout and shelving, and assist with any changes to your VMI.

Mars Electric offers specially designed trailers and trucks for VMI delivery

Specially Designated VMI Delivery Trucks

Our fleet includes delivery trucks dedicated to VMI. These vehicles are driven by your VMI specialist. That means they’re familiar with the processes and layout of your VMI jobsite.

How It Works


  1. Establish VMI bill of material with required minimum and maximum inventory levels.
  2. Determine visitation routines, frequency of deliveries, and replenishment of materials.
  3. Review material handling and storage options including job boxes, pipe carts, fixture carts, and job trailers.
  4. Label VMI products with Mars Electric Inventory Management barcodes.
  5. Initiate counts and rapid replenishment per job site

Your VMI specialist is available to assist throughout a project with any changes to your VMI.


  1. Save time.
  2. Save labor.
  3. Focus on the job, not the material for the job.


To learn more about our VMI services, you can contact a sales representative at (440) 946-2250.


Let's Work Together

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