2023 NEC Update - 210.8(A) GFCI for Personnel - Dwelling Units

NEC Code 210.8(A)

Understanding Article 210.8(A) from the 2023 National Electrical Code

To understand the changes to this section of the 2023 code, let’s start with a review of the code as it is written in the latest issue (2023). 

All 125-volt through 250-volt receptacles installed in the following locations and supplied by single single-phase branch circuits rated 150 volts or less to ground shall have ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel: 

1) Bathrooms

2) Garages and accessory buildings at or below grade non-habitable limited to storage areas, work areas and similar. 

3) Outdoors

4) Crawl Spaces or below grade

5) Basements 

6) Kitchens 

7) Areas with sinks and permanent provisions for food preparation, beverage preparation, or cooking. 

8) Sinks – within 6 feet of the inside edge of the bowl

9) Boathouses

10) Bathtubs and shower stalls – where the receptacle is installed within 6’ of the outside edge

11) Laundry areas

12) Indoors damp and wet locations (patios/mud rooms, etc.) 

Below is a list of the requirements Ohio did not adopt. 

  • Ohio to remove 250-volt receptacles requirement. This may eliminate the need for things like your laundry units or range hood to be on a GFCI. 
  • Ohio will allow garage door opener non-GFCI if single receptacle.
  • Ohio to allow Sump Pump on non-GFCI if single receptacle with GFCI within 6 inches. 

Below are new additions to the 2023 code that you should keep top of mind.

  • 2023's code has removed “where installed to serve countertop surfaces” from #6 (Kitchens). This means that GFCI is now required for ALL kitchen receptacles, including countertops. 
  • #7 is new to the code this year. For example, a wet bar with a sink will now require GFCI. 
  • #12 was added to the 2020 code, but since Ohio did not adopt the 2020 code, this is effectively a new addition to the 2023 code. 

This blog post is meant to be an informative summary of Mars Electric's interpretation of the changes to this section of the 2023 electrical code. You should always refer to the code directly and work with a qualified professional when doing electrical work to make sure your project is completed safely and up to code. 

Mars Electric is a proud supplier of GFCI products and is happy to help answer any of your questions.