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With government incentives driving the demand for states to implement their own programs, the EV market continues to rise every year – 7 million unit sales are estimated by 2025, alone. It makes sense; with the ever-increasing price of gas and climate crisis concerns, Americans are now looking towards electric vehicles as the more affordable and sustainable new way to travel. 

With businesses looking to attract or retain clients or employees with electric vehicles, they will need to on-premise EV charging stations in order to not only utilize this progressive, modern automotive investment, but use it as a way to speak to company culture and advertise key brand messaging. 

Whether you’re looking at EV charging stations as a consumer or are an electrical contractor looking to implement this booming product into projects or applications, it’s important to know exactly how an EV works and which is the best option for you. In this blog, we’ll discuss what an EV charger is, the impacts of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and how Mars Electric can help you source the exact EV charger you’ll need for your project. 

What is an Electric Vehicle Charger?

Starting with the basics, an electric vehicle charger, also commonly referred to as an EV charger or electric vehicle supply equipment (ESVE), is an electrical power charging stations that is used as a charging plug-in for electric vehicles. 
As with any other chargeable device, an electric current is required to keep a device (electric vehicle) charged. This can either be done from a 240v outlets or the hardwired grid. 

Best Locations for EV Charging Stations

Opting to install an on-site EV charging station is incredibly beneficial for organizations and homeowners looking to both attract future customers and add resale value to a home. 

Here are a few of the best locations for EV charging stations. 

Businesses and Shopping Areas

Workplaces and shopping areas are two of the most popular locations for drivers – including those with electric vehicles. According to a survey done by the U.S. Department of Energy, 90% of employers with an EV charging station got positive feedback from the addition of workplace charging programs. 

And when people aren’t working, they can often be found at shopping centers. This is a great investment for businesses looking to attract customers as people generally need to stay longer while waiting for their car to charge. 

Parking Spaces

With an estimated 52% of all vehicle sales being electric by 2025, there will be a mass of drivers looking for parking garages and parking spaces that include an EV charging station. This is great for commercial parking management companies or retail spaces looking to attract a burgeoning market of sustainable EV drivers. 

Service Locations

Service locations including, hospitals, colleges, and government buildings are another great prospect for commercial EV chargers as they often have many employees and are generally looking to work towards implementing sustainability goals in order to receive LEED credits. 

Living Spaces

Living spaces, especially multifamily and apartment buildings, increase their property value with the addition of an on-site EV charging station. Many tenants opt to look elsewhere if a prospective building can’t meet their charging needs, thus losing potential residents. 

How the Infrastructure Bill Impacts EV Charging

In November, President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan infrastructure investment and jobs act (IIJA) that create numerous benefits, providing $30.7 billion to for EV’s and infrastructure, including:

  • The deployment of EV’s and related infrastructure
  • The deployment of clean vehicles and fueling infrastructure 
  • Grid and battery investments

With many states and local governments vying for the inevitable increase of transportation electrification, this bill when provide the critical monetary investments needed for proper deployment and eventual expansion of ESVE, globally. 

Which EV Charger is Right for You?

Whether you’re a commercial business owner, an owner of an electric vehicle, or a public utility company, Mars Electric is here to provide you with information you’ll need to decide which charger is right for your application. 

We’re proud to offer a complete line of Leviton Evr-Green® products that are not only convenient, but safe and east to use. 

EV Charger for Home-Use 

Homeowners with an electric vehicle have the option to install their very own standard outlet or wall charger for a quicker and more time-efficient at-home charge! This is a great way to not only have your charger on-hand whenever you need it, but also as a way to utilize Charge Point for others who may need a vehicle charge, as well. 

EV Charger for Commercial Property Application

Businesses and commercial property owners looking to integrate or install an EV charging station offer a unique availability for consumers and employees who can charge their electric vehicle on residence. With an additional Charge Point implementation, it adds another smart business opportunity for the ever-increasing market. 

Networked EV Chargers

For anyone looking to assist fellow electric vehicle drivers with a charging station or create a burgeoning business utilizing ChargePoint, installing a networked or wall-standing EV station is the move. 

This investment can used by both business owners, commercial management, and homeowners as a way to let you control access, set pricing, display advertising, monitor station status, and generate usage reports via ChargePoint. 

How ChargePoint Works

ChargePoint is comprehensive charge for all your ESVE and is the only network that provides portfolio integrations, cloud services, and delivery support for both business and drivers. 

To get started using ChargePoint, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the ChargePoint App
  2. Create a free account
  3. Hold your phone over the reader symbol on the charging station
  4. Listen for the beep that unlocks the connector and unplug the charger
  5. Open your port door and plug it in! 

It really is that simple.

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