Lithonia Lighting: Best Uses and What to Buy at Mars Electric

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Lithonia Lighting: Best Uses and What to Buy at Mars Electric


Having clear, long-lasting lighting products that you can depend on are the foundation of a room. Whether it’s a warehouse, a retail store, or a parking lot, having dependable lighting you can rely on will make all the difference.

That’s why the experts at Mars Electric have put together an ultimate guide to Lithonia Lighting, a favorite brand for providing the affordable and efficient lighting products we use every day. Keep reading to learn more about Lithonia Lighting as well as all the Lithonia lighting products we carry at Mars Electric

What is Lithonia Lighting?

Founded in 1946, the Lithonia Lighting brand specializes in producing lighting fixtures and controls for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial. As a reputable brand, they offer a wide range of lighting control solutions that are expertly designed to last longer, help increase efficiency and reduce overall energy output. 

Lithonia Lighting is also a subsidiary of Acuity Brands, a leading provider of lighting and building management solutions with national and global headquarters in Atlanta as well as North America, Europe, and Asia. Along with other well-known brands like Juno Lighting, Gotham Lighting, and Peerless Lighting, Lithonia Lighting has become an integral part of Acuity’s brand portfolio, delivering on their promise of high-quality, long-lasting lighting products. 

Best Applications for Lithonia Lighting Products

Lithonia Lighting products are designed to be versatile and used in a variety of applications. Due to their energy efficiency and active reduction in energy usage, they’re a favored brand for businesses and facilities with larger spaces, like warehouses who require consistent, long-lasting lighting for long periods of time. 

Here are our other favored applications for Lithonia Lighting products. 

Office Spaces

Offices spaces require the perfect type of lighting that contributes to performance, but doesn’t cause eye strain, which is why we love Lithonia Lighting products. Their LED fixtures and lighting control systems not only help produce the perfect amount of light, but also actively work to reduce energy output over time. 


In order to showcase products in a retail store or even a warehouse, the type of lighting required needs to be bright, consistent, and energy efficient. With Lithonia’s high-quality LED fixtures, customers will be able to properly see the displayed products without eye strain. 

Industrial Facilities

Unlike office and retail spaces, industrial spaces require a bit more heavy-duty lighting – ones that can withstand harsh conditions. That’s why we recommend the LED high bay fixtures and industrial lighting control systems from Lithonia, in order to provide that reliable, long-lasting energy even in the most challenging environments. 

Healthcare Facilities

In a healthcare or pharmaceutical facility, having access to bright, consistent lighting is necessary in order to better protect patients and provide them with exceptional comfort. For healthcare facilities, we always recommend Lithonia Lighting’s LED fixtures and lighting controls due to their long-lasting features. This will not only help in reducing maintenance costs, but also downtime. 

Education Facilities

Education facilities from elementary schools to college campuses require bright, long-lasting lighting solutions that allow for day-to-day concentration and performance from students. With Lithonia Lighting’s LED lighting solutions, consistent, bright lighting can be utilized without fear of the downtime or high energy costs that can often come from non-LED lighting. 

Outdoor Spaces

With Lithonia’s high-quality and long-lasting LED outdoor lighting fixtures, outdoor spaces like parking lots, building facades, and walkways can stay bright even during harsh weather conditions, saving time and money on unnecessary replacements and energy bills. 

Benefits of Choosing Lithonia Lighting Products

Lithonia Lighting is an all-around dependable brand for lighting products that stand the test of time. As a well-respected brand for over 70 years, businesses all over the globe have trusted Lithonia Lighting products for their facilities, depending on their energy efficiency and long-lasting benefits. 

With Lithonia’s LED lighting products, you’re also getting the energy efficient benefits, including:

  • Less energy waste
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • Improved sustainability of operations

In addition to Lithonia’s LED lighting, the lighting control solutions range offered is a key feature for energy use optimization. This can be seen in occupancy and daylight sensors, where adjustments to light are automatically done depending on the natural light levels and occupancy, saving on energy and money. 

Lithonia Lighting Available at Mars Electric

Find a wide range of Lithonia’s LED and lighting control solutions at Mars Electric. We carry a wide variety of Lithonia products in stock as well as online, which we can conveniently ship to you on a moment’s notice. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? No worries, Mars Electric has access to Lithonia’s entire lighting catalog and can quickly fill any nonstock orders. 

Speak to a Product Expert

At Mars Electric, we pride ourselves on being the very best when it comes to all things lighting. Whether it’s a replacement project or something more complicated, our helpful staff can find you the exact Lithonia Lighting product you’re looking for – no stress, no long waits. 

On the off chance we don’t have the product you need in store, we’ve got you covered with our convenient day-of ordering process. Each order will be delivered straight to your business or job site, so you can get it when and where you need it. 

Explore Project Team

For additional and more technical assistance, we also offer project lighting services that can skillfully handle complex residential, commercial, and industrial lighting challenges you may have! Our experts will help you find the best fixtures based on applications and get you the exact product you need. 

Mars Electric Tip! Plan far enough in advance and Mars Electric will store materials on your behalf so you are assured that they are there when you need them and are not exposed to supply chain delays. 


When the jobsite is ready for delivery, Mars Electric can organize your order by floor, room, etc. so your materials are delivered in an organized fashion meaning you spend less time figuring out what goes where and more time installing. Saving you time, money, and energy.

Shop Lithonia Lighting Products Today

If you’re ready to upgrade your facility’s lighting, then look no further because Mars Electric has the Lithonia Lighting solution products you need at a price you can afford! Our team of lighting experts are here to work directly with you and get what you need fast!

Contact a product expert today who can help you find the exact Lithonia Lighting product you’re looking for without the hassle.

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