Outdoor Lighting: How to Enhance Safety and Aesthetics

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How to Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting

Creating a beautiful and secure outdoor space all starts with having the proper lighting. While it may not be initially obvious, there are multiple types of outdoor lighting options that will differ depending on the type of lighting you want, the energy efficiency you need, and how versatile you’re looking to be.

In this blog, we’ll cover our three favorite types of outdoor lighting: flood, security, and landscape lighting, as well as their benefits and features, so that you can make the best decision when choosing an outdoor lighting solution.

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Flood Lights

Let’s start with looking at flood lights. These powerful lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to be used in large areas such as a sporting field, on commercial properties, or in expansive outdoor spaces where bright and uniform illumination is required. 

Here are the benefits of utilizing flood lights for your next outdoor lighting project.


Flood lights are the perfect choice for outdoor lighting as they’re incredibly durable and can withstand changing weather conditions. 


Flood lights offer expansive coverage and a wide beam angle, which means you won’t get any unnecessary dark spots.


You can mount flood lights pretty much anywhere – on brackets, poles, or walls. They’re incredibly flexible with positioning and can be angled to direct light in a multitude of areas. 


Because flood lights are equipped with high-powered LEDs, they emit a greater amount of light, providing illumination to darker areas that traditional lighting can miss. 

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Security Lights

Next, let’s take a look at security lighting. This type of lighting is the ideal choice for those looking to enhance safety and possibly deter potential intruders. These are most commonly found in populated areas, such as commercial buildings, parking lots, and residential properties. 

Here are the best features that come with security lighting.

Motion Sensors

Motions sensors are an optimal feature for security lights as they can detect movement and activate lights automatically, altering the resident or property owner of an external presence. 

Adjustable Settings

Adjustable settings are an incredibly convenient feature for security lights as they allow for customization on lighting duration, range, and sensitivity. 

Integrated Systems

Security lights can be integrated into current security systems, which makes for easy set up and coordination with cameras or alarms that are already in place. This will help when creating a comprehensive security network for your property.

Energy Efficiency

LED security lights and motional activated units are often more energy efficient than standard lighting, which can help reduce energy bill cost and still retain the demanding brightness and effectiveness. 

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Landscape Lighting

The final outdoor lighting product we’ll be looking at today is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is the perfect enhancement piece to add to a variety of outdoor areas and can be also used to improve safety and functionality.

With the various lighting techniques available for landscape lighting, prominent outdoor areas including gardens, pathways, and architectural features can be better accentuated, to highlight the natural colors and textures. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of utilizing landscape lighting for outdoor areas. 


Landscape lighting is the perfect solution for enhancing the safety of an area. Dimly lit pathways, parks, or parking areas benefit from strategic landscape lighting in order to help ensure safe navigation and prevent accidents. 

Mood Settings

Landscape lighting is a great solution for creating different moods for each setting. Using adjustable color and lighting can help to shift the ambience, ranging from romantic to vibrant, and more!

Energy Efficiency

As with safety lights, landscape lighting options like LED can help increase energy efficiency and provide long-lasting illumination with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

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Shop Outdoor Lighting at Mars Electric 

Whether you’re shopping for flood lights, security lights, or landscape lighting, the experts at Mars Electric are available and ready to help you find the exact solution you need for your job or project. For even more lighting assistance, check out our project lighting services available at our Cleveland and Akron locations.

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